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Aqua Interval with Marianne

Exercise Pool

A mix of high intensity and low intensity designed to improve your cardiovascular system, strengthen muscles, improve balance and coordination, and burn calories all while having fun and staying cool! […]

H2O HIIT with Marianne

Exercise Pool

High Intensity Interval Training in the pool alternates short periods of brisk exercise with lower-intensity recovery periods. Increase your metabolism, burn fat, lose weight, and improve cardio respiratory fitness. The […]

Aqua Flow with Joan

Exercise Pool

  Reservations for the class are required. Please visit the member portal online or call the front desk to reserve your spot.

Aqua Boot camp with Gerry

Exercise Pool

ATTENTION! This class is a high intensity water fitness program that provides the benefits of a pool, with little to no impact on joints and expands lung capacity as well […]

Aqua Power Mixx with Nicole

Exercise Pool

Mix up your workout with this power mix class in the water. Cardio and weights? You name it this class will be sure to give your body something new to […]

Aqua Power Hour with ALX

Exercise Pool

Think working out in the water isn’t a challenge? THINK AGAIN! With simple water dumbbells and the resistance of the water this hour packed workout is sure to leave you […]

Aqua Strength and Conditioning with Alx

Group Ex Pool

Weight training in the water made fun and user-friendly! Tone and sculpt every muscle group in this motivating and high energy class. Fun music, great workout.

Aqua Senior Fit with Debbie

Exercise Pool

Water workout that combines strength and aerobic activities in a fun format.

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